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Past Summer Bulletins






2024 Summer Services start on June 30th for 10 weeks,  

up to September 1st.  Please be sure to join us.


Special Gifts and Memorials

At the time of the church's founding Catherine Taylor established an endowment fund that accept gifts, memorials, and donations to be used to further the work of the Elberon Memorial Church. You are invited to consider remembering the Memorial Church with a gift, a “thank offering, or as a beneficiary in your will.  Your financial support together with your prayers and attendance will be greatly appreciated. 


Gifts may be sent to:

Elberon Memorial Church Trust Fund

c/o Treasurer

P.O. Box 2321

Elberon, NJ 07740

or any member of the Board of Trustees whose

address can be found in the local telephone directory.


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