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Our Church


We are a Christian non denominational

While you're on vacation, come and see us! Hear our historic organ in the splendor of an unspoiled Victorian sanctuary graced by the finest stained glass windows at the shore.


The Trustees of the church extend a cordial greeting to you during this our one hundred and twenty-nineth year. Feel free to ask questions about the church, its history, windows,

organ and woodwork.  Visit the restored Sunday School building. 

It is A summer sanctuary open to all, dedicated to the worship of God


Our church depends upon the voluntary offerings of the congregation for a considerable portion of the operating expenses, particularly for the support of the choir, whose hard work and talent has been an important and inspirational feature of our services.  Your generous and continued support is appreciated; it ensures that the Elberon Memorial Church will be able to continue to welcome twenty-first century visitors to this beautiful nineteenth century sanctuary. 


All contributions and bequests are tax deductible.


If you are interested in volunteering your time and talents in support of Elberon Memorial Church,

please speak with a Trustee.




Sharon Lees President

Tom Rogers Vice-President

Robert Broege Secretary/Ass’t Treasurer


Mark Aikins 

Ricardo Siciliano 

Robert W. Adler 


Linda Hoffman  Sexton 




Robert P. Breading, Beatrice Rogers

 N. Ross Matthews, Jules Plangere

  Julius Simchick, Howard H. Wooley, Jr.

Ross Matthews, Richard Matthews


Elberon Memorial Church
70 Park Avenue, Elberon, NJ 07740
(732) 870-2241
2024 Season
        Summer Preaching and Music Schedule
                 Worship Service at 11:00 a.m.


We are excited to be able to worship once again in our wonderful sanctuary, hear our historic organ, listen to our gifted organist Tim Broege and enjoy the voices of The-Gronert/Doug Clarke Quartet, Heather Cayan, Bryan Hoyos.  It will be a chance to reconnect with all our long-time friends and to make new ones. 


We will celebrate our first service on June 30, 2024, led by the: Rev. Hugh MacKenzie.


Rev. Hugh MacKenzie and Rev Kevin Williams will be leading our services throughout the summer. 


In the Past we offered the following special musical additions: 


Such as  Jazz Sundays in July, August and September

as well as having  special appearance by virtuoso concert violinist, Diane Bruce

and hope to offer them again this season.

When you join us, we ask that you be mindful of the needs of others following Jesus’ teaching to love and care for each other as we want to be cared for and loved. Please consider the safety of others when you decide whether to wear a mask.  We will be observing six-foot distancing in the sanctuary if you are not wearing a mask. See you soon.

the beautiful flower beds at the church were provided by Barlow's Garden Center, (732) 449-9189, 1014 Sea Girt Ave, Sea Girt, NJ 08750

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