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Our History


Erected 1885 Dedicated June 14, 1886  in Loving Memory of MOSES B. TAYLOR by his wife, Catherine A. Taylor. 

The Moses Taylor Memorial Presbyterian Church

Now known as the

Elberon Memorial Church   

Is blended tastefully with Gothic architecture of the building, designed by the eminent New York architect, Stanford White,

who was a friend of Louis Tiffany, the stained glass windows have been described by experts as the finest 14th-century style stained glass in the country. each window is a memorial presented by a child of Moses Taylor. Because the manufacture of blue glass of this type has become a "lost art", the windows are eriplam, Germany.ceable . The east and west windows were made by the Meyers brothers in Mannheim, Germany. The Rose window in the Narthex is a Tiffany product, and the remaining windows were made by American artisans. 


Founded in1866 and later endowed by Catherine A. Taylor, widow of Moses Taylor, the Elberon memorial Church is a memorial to her civic-minded husband who died May 25, 1882.

The Pastors


The founders of the Elberon Church determined to provide services of worship that would be enriched by great music presented by artists and sermons by competent preachers. From the beginning, musicians and preachers from Philadelphia, New York, and other metropolitan church centers have conducted the services. The distinguished ministers who have served were, in order:



Charles F. Young

Donald S. Mackaye


Hugh Black

David J. Burrell

John D. Carsen

Cleland B. McAfee

S. Parkes Cadman

 G. Johnstone Rose

Charles E. Wishart

J. M. Vander Meulen

Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Harold A. Bosley

Dr. David L. Crawford

Dr. J. Randall Nichols

John R. Kleinheksel

Foster “Skip” Wilson


Presently Serving: David McKirachan, Randall Nichols, Hugh Mackenzie

Norman Vincent Peale
Norman Vincent Peale
The Music


Since its founding in 1886, this Church has been famous for the high order of its musical program. Some of the most distinguished organists and singers from New York City churches and leading singers from other cities have shared in the services. Occasional festival services feature larger choral works.

Central to the music program has been the outstanding organ built for the Church by Hilbome Roosevelt and maintained through the years without any tonal or mechanical changes. It is a splendid example of late 19th-century American organ building. It contains 16 stops controlling 988 pipes.

The Organists/Choir Directors who have served the Church

have included the following:


Peter A. Schnecker    

Robert Gaylor            

Robert Payson Hill    

Lyndon Woodside     

Thomas MacBeth

Timothy E. Smith

David Bishop

David Weadon

Eugene Roan


Presently Serving:     Timothy Broege

Lyndon Woodside
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